Becoming an Avon Representative is really quite simple. You will be passing out Avon brochures and collecting them in again. Repeat that and save up the orders you get. There are no special skills or experience needed as you just pass out the brochures. In time you may have the confidence to recommend products, but it is not essential. Place your order with Avon this will be delivered to you without an upfront payment. You then deliver out to your customers and collect in the money so you can pay yourself and Avon. It is all repeated on a 3 weekly rota with most customers requesting further brochures.

When you become an Avon Representative with you will be part of our Avon family. Your Avon Representative role is a simple one, you will be taught by your personal Expert Leader from team how to Find – Serve and Maintain your Avon customers. You need to be over the age of 18.

No experience is necessary. You must be self-motivated and able to work on your own initiative there are NO bosses and it is completely flexible to you. Sell as much Avon as you want. This could just be to friends and family or further afield, the choice is yours to make. There is no join up fee or hidden contracts. You make as much money as you want to work for.

If you find that you enjoy the role as an Avon representative, and want to further your career there is always the opportunity to become a sales leader, and teach others the skills that you have achieved throughout your time as a representative.

Finding Avon customers
On top of the standard Business pack from Avon your Leader will provide you with the Exclusive training materials including your ‘Personal on-line store” and talk you through how and where to find and build a fantastic customer base using the FREE brochures provided, (if you would like more just ask).

Serving your Avon customers

As an integral part of your initial training when becoming an Avon Representative, you will be shown how to serve your Avon customers with a high quality service. You will be taught the Avon values, ethics and guarantees. As well as the best way to use your Avon samples and all special offers. We as a team take great pride in helping each other out. Sharing selling techniques and all the things we have found useful.

Maintaining your Avon customers

To maintain your Avon customers, you must learn how to gain loyalty from them, and here at we will teach you how to become a reliable and respected Local Avon Representative. This is the most important part of you becoming an Avon Representative because this is what will make you stand out from others. Becoming an Avon Representative is about speaking to people, getting to know them on a personal level.


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