If you enjoy working with people, have loads of motivation and think you have what it takes to manage your own team of Avon representatives. Then the role as a sales leader could be just the position for you.
As an Avon Sales Leader you will be running your own Avon business by recruiting, training and encouraging your own team of Avon Representatives. It’s completely flexible, how much you earn depends on you and how much work you put into Avon Sales Leadership the more work you do the better your earnings will be.
During your first year of Sales Leadership, you can earn great bonuses, with the fast track programme that Avon has introduced.

To start earning you only need to have three people in your team and group sales of £500 this includes your own personal sales and your teams, this will give you a bonus of £75. It's all about finding people who want to earn an extra income and appointing them as Avon Representatives where they can earn between 20-25% discount on their orders. Once up and running as an Avon Representative, they can also move onto Avon Sales Leadership where they can also build a team of Avon Representatives.
There are loads of different ways to find new Avon Representatives including, leaflets/flyers, shop ads, coffee mornings, recruitment stands, newspaper ads, shopping centres, door knocking, social networking, online advertising and more.

The more people you introduce and the bigger sales your team produce the higher the bonus. I have attached a graph beneath.

You will be paid every three weeks.
You also start to earn 4% and can grow to up to 9% commission on all of your total team sales when you reach co-ordinator level and above, this starts when you have five people in your team and group sales of £800.
Plus there is an additional "Executive Commission" paid to the higher level Sales Leader.


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